Wk 12 Activity: P12 – Slice of Life “Let’s Play” Anno 2070!!

For Project 12 we were tasked with redoing a previous project, only bigger and better than ever. I chose to redo our project to make a short vlog, but instead to expand it to a 20-minute “Let’s Play” about one of my favorite video games as well as the recent car accident I was in. I was inspired to do this by popular youtube channels as well as the efforts of one of my friends to make it big, which hasn’t worked out for him yet.

For those who are unfamiliar, a “Let’s Play” is basically a recording of yourself playing a video game. There are several types, including: Instructional, where you describe the game and how to play it, Commentary, where you play though the game role playing as the character in it reacting to his surroundings, and Challenge, where you play the game in a specific way as to make it harder for you.

I decided to improve upon the Vlog of Week 2 by playing the game, explaining what I’m doing as I go in order to instruct anyone who may become interested, and then describing a recent event in my life including a car accident that I was in and the repair process that came after. It’s currently in the process of being edited. But as soon as the audio’s smoothed out and it’s uploaded to my youtube channel you can see it right here.





So for Project 11, our only prompt was to do something different, and that’s exactly what I did. I got together with my longtime friend Kenji Kiplinger and we created illustrations usingĀ a website that allows you to have multiple people drawing on the same pad ONLINE. Kenji, with the help of his drawing pad was able to make digital illustrations, similar to if you had colored pencils. I on the other hand don’t own a digital drawing pad and was left to use the standard touchpad on my laptop. the result was that I resorted to single clicks, filling in images pixel by pixel, which led me to the inspiration of recreating homages to the 8-bit style of late 80’s video games.

the right side of the board was a collaborative effort by 3 other anonymous users, while Kenji is responsible for the figure holding a cat on the left. The rest was done by me, pixel by pixel, and the result was a collaborative digital art project the likes of which has never before been attempted… by me.

Wk 12 Artist Interview: CSULB Carpentry Department


Group project this week at the galleries, a bunch of student in the woodwinds section of the Art Departments house band got together and filled out a room with oaken luxuries. They had everything from polished skate decks to rough-hewn benches. the whole room stank of pure craftsmenship and I really appreciate the work that went into every project. My favorite was a small addition on the wall that looked like some shelf from an Ent’s pantry. I don’t quite understand why, but I think it’s adorable, Kinda want one in my house. The artist on deck served as their representative, saying she loved the smell of wood and that’s what drew her to thsi field, She hopes to become a mentor to future students in the program either at CSULB of Fullerton college.

Wk 11 Artist Interview: Esteban Ramirez


Esteban is a lover of two things, photography and fire. he combines these two loves into his exhibits, which is mostly composed of photographs of explosions and fireworks in various settings. The skill of his photography is definitely on display, and he even went so far as to frame his photographs into explosive shapes and designs. Overall his theme is simple but executed perfectly.

Wk 10 Artist Interview: Audra Graziano


Audra works in bright, striking colors with her seemingly random designs, although I’m sure they have a deeper meaning to her. She uses each of her paintings as a starting point for her next one, so her paintings tell a bit of a story if viewed in order. She likes to listen to the same song on repeat over and over while working on a piece, that way her emotion can stay consistent. Evn though I can’t appreciate her work on the same level she does, I can appreciate the color and complexity on display.

Wk 13 Classmate Interview: Pilar Garcia


Pilar Garcia is on the same track as what I’m assuming is one of her friends Debora. She’s currently a criminal justice major, but plans to switch to Human Development (see last weeks interview). Currently a sophomore, she chose CSULB because she believes it’s the best Cal State school. she works at a frozen yogurt store in order to support herself. She;s the oldest of 5 children, the opposite of Debora, Unlike Debora, she never even thought much about art before taking this class, which opened her up to the different forms and functions it could take.