Wk 2 Activity: VLOG

Just finished recording this vlog with my girlfriend of two years, Megan. Took several tries but we finally found out our problem and got our act together. Summary of my life.

Open the drop down menu near the top to see my about me page where the video will be embedded and some contact info will be available


Wk 1 Student Interview: Andrew Haley


Andrew Haley is a Freshman here at CSULB, currently majoring in Biology after taking one Calculus class and deciding that Physics was not for him. I could tell from the beginning that Andrew was a go-getter, even if a bit shy. He sought me out for the interview even though I was huddled in a corner with a sad book trying to avoid the rest of the class. He’s got a certain dorky charm about him that is present in all Freshman just getting used to the new challenges of college, although he prefers it over High School any day. Andrew hopes to use his degree to start a job that he had never heard of before college. He says he’ll decide once he’s gotten a bit farther into his studies. But for now he’s interested in the Biology of DNA and cells.

Andrew believes art is something that is worked at, it can’t be thrown together on the spot, but any piece that the artist put their heart into is good enough for him. He does his own form of art in the form of Music, playing guitar and drums himself, but hoping to get into song-writing. Overall, I can’t wait to run into Andrew a few years into his education when he has the cold, dead eyes that identify you as a Senior Biologist.

Wk 1 Artist Interview: Brianna Allen


Brianna is a 29 year-old LA resident who has been pursuing art ever since her grandfather inspired her to do so when she was 6. She claims to have just completed this piece moments before opening the gallery, and I don’t quite understand that. But I can understand procrastination, not to assume the worst of her.

It’s an interesting piece, she’s been collecting bread tags for an entire year, either from her own loaves of bread or donated tags. Then she arranged them in order creating a weird sort of graph that shows bread consumption over the course of the year. At least that’s how I read it. I found it interesting to note what time frames she had more tags for and what time frames were severely lacking. I tried to form some hypotheses about what could cause the fluctuation of bread usage, but I couldn’t come up with anything.

Wow maybe I overthought this

Wk 1 Activity: MAKE THE BLOG!

So our first assignment was to make a blog. I was initially pretty against this idea as I had never really had an online presence before. Judging by the amount of hate that even small, 150 view per video, youtube channels can generate I was honestly pretty scared about the possible outcome. For this reason I really really put it off for way too long.

Luckily I made sure to actually do all the activities in secret. Then several months later, after working up the courage myself and receiving multiple requests from personal friends I finally made the blog. A tumblr blog. Then put off this one for several more months.