Wk 1 Student Interview: Andrew Haley


Andrew Haley is a Freshman here at CSULB, currently majoring in Biology after taking one Calculus class and deciding that Physics was not for him. I could tell from the beginning that Andrew was a go-getter, even if a bit shy. He sought me out for the interview even though I was huddled in a corner with a sad book trying to avoid the rest of the class. He’s got a certain dorky charm about him that is present in all Freshman just getting used to the new challenges of college, although he prefers it over High School any day. Andrew hopes to use his degree to start a job that he had never heard of before college. He says he’ll decide once he’s gotten a bit farther into his studies. But for now he’s interested in the Biology of DNA and cells.

Andrew believes art is something that is worked at, it can’t be thrown together on the spot, but any piece that the artist put their heart into is good enough for him. He does his own form of art in the form of Music, playing guitar and drums himself, but hoping to get into song-writing. Overall, I can’t wait to run into Andrew a few years into his education when he has the cold, dead eyes that identify you as a Senior Biologist.


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