Wk 3 Activity: Classwide Instagram Day

So the entire class all posted pictures from their lives today on Instagram and tagged them all with the same tag, then at the end of the day we could look at everyone’s pictures at the same time! I have to say this was a really unique experience. I usually consider most of my classmates as leading very different lives from me, and while there were a lot of parties and clubs near the end of the class day I saw a surprising amount of people stuck in the same traffic jams that I was, or complaining about early morning classes. i even saw some pictures from inside a dorm room and I swear to God it was the exact same room I was in when I dormed my first year. Although, that might just be because all the rooms look the same. Still though! A lot of the my classmates go through the same ups and downs I do each day, and that’s kind of inspiring!


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