Wk 3 Arist Interview: Nick Gaby


Nick Gaby is the first artist of the week that I fully and totally understood the meaning of the work they put out. Nick Gaby made this piece which to the outside observer is just a bunch of coffee mugs taking up way too much space. BUT, that is exactly what he wants you to think. Nick Gaby had this collection of mugs that was taking up space in his small living space, becoming obtrusive and obstructive even though he never used any of them, and hardly drinks coffee at all. So he put those mugs to work, communicating the waste of space they brought him to the observer, having them physically obstructed by mugs bleeding into the space near the entrance. You actually had to step over his mugs in order to enter the gallery! A the same time, he is releasing himself from the prison that the mugs represented by giving them away, one mug per person, anyone who wants one.

Nick Gaby is, as they say, one of the good ones.


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