Wk 3 Classmate Interview: Cameron Schubert

Cameron Schubert Interview

Cameron Schubert is an enigma, a clothed enigma. He has no middle name, which is already a warning sign, but on top of all that he is an incredibly friendly second year Bio-Major with all kinds of dreams. The first thing that Cameron told me was that he was thinking of switching to Art Major (possible spurred on by this class). He mentioned that he may not have the technical skill to do it himself, but he has lots of ideas that he feels should be works of art and he hopes to be some kind of designer/concept artist. Making his ideas take form through other people’s handiwork.

He only lives 20 minutes form campus, but even with that proximity, wishes he dormed so he can be closer to the action. While still a fan of modern music, he finds his real home anywhere from Led Zeppelin to Suicidal Tendencies, which happened to be on the shirt he wore at the time of the interview. He’s all around good at Math and Science, but doesn’t necessarily enjoy it, he hopes that his current major will veer more to his interests and if not, may go through with the switch to the freedom of an Art Major.


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