Wk 7 Classmate Interview: Henatay Journey


Henatay is a Freshman infected with Wanderlust. A nerd after my own heart. A man of the people. In general a fun guy to meet at parties. He has a natural friendly attitude that he eases into with anyone he meets, and I’m gonna be honest I got a bit of a bro-crush on. If my wonderful girlfriend, Megan, wasn’t in the picture, who knows!?

In all seriousness though, Henatay enjoys playing board games in his spare time, inviting me to the school’s own gaming club, of which he is a primary member. he is currently undeclared, not because he doesn’t like anything, but because he likes everything and just can’t decide which one he should settle on. Despite his looks he is just a freshman, loving the college experience, especially compared to the cliques and social conventions of High School. All around nice guy.


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