Wk 12 Activity: P12 – Slice of Life “Let’s Play” Anno 2070!!

For Project 12 we were tasked with redoing a previous project, only bigger and better than ever. I chose to redo our project to make a short vlog, but instead to expand it to a 20-minute “Let’s Play” about one of my favorite video games as well as the recent car accident I was in. I was inspired to do this by popular youtube channels as well as the efforts of one of my friends to make it big, which hasn’t worked out for him yet.

For those who are unfamiliar, a “Let’s Play” is basically a recording of yourself playing a video game. There are several types, including: Instructional, where you describe the game and how to play it, Commentary, where you play though the game role playing as the character in it reacting to his surroundings, and Challenge, where you play the game in a specific way as to make it harder for you.

I decided to improve upon the Vlog of Week 2 by playing the game, explaining what I’m doing as I go in order to instruct anyone who may become interested, and then describing a recent event in my life including a car accident that I was in and the repair process that came after. It’s currently in the process of being edited. But as soon as the audio’s smoothed out and it’s uploaded to my youtube channel you can see it right here.





So for Project 11, our only prompt was to do something different, and that’s exactly what I did. I got together with my longtime friend Kenji Kiplinger and we created illustrations usingĀ a website that allows you to have multiple people drawing on the same pad ONLINE. Kenji, with the help of his drawing pad was able to make digital illustrations, similar to if you had colored pencils. I on the other hand don’t own a digital drawing pad and was left to use the standard touchpad on my laptop. the result was that I resorted to single clicks, filling in images pixel by pixel, which led me to the inspiration of recreating homages to the 8-bit style of late 80’s video games.

the right side of the board was a collaborative effort by 3 other anonymous users, while Kenji is responsible for the figure holding a cat on the left. The rest was done by me, pixel by pixel, and the result was a collaborative digital art project the likes of which has never before been attempted… by me.

Wk 10 Activity: 2D: Painting


This week we were supposed to go to Venice Beach and spray paint the design we made last week onto the legal art walls. As you can tell by the pictures above I didn’t quite do that. I meant to do it, and in fact went all the way to Venice Beach, but upon arriving there had such a bad experience with a gang of hooligans and a parking officer that me and my girlfriend decided to ditch and go to the Promenade a few minutes drive away. The rest of the day was lovely.

To make up for it I used my airbrush to spray paint onto a plastic model I’ve had forever. I used preshading to highlight edges and darken recesses, then coated the whole body in an even solid color, this lead to the results shown above. all I have to do now is fill in all the recesses with some watered down oil paint and I’ll have a pretty good looking hover tank thing.

Wk 9 Activity: 2D: Drawing


This week we were assigned to draw our names in the classic graffiti-style bubble letters. This is all in preparation for our project next week to spray paint our names on the legal art walls in Venice. I went full on with the theme, creating them as if they were just oddly shaped bubbles that happened to spell out my name.

Wk 8 Activity: Plaster Casting


This week was pretty simple. Go to the beach, and make a plaster mold of your hand. So I rounded up a couple of friends, bought a bucket at Home Depot, and set off. I think my hand came out great, I’ve done a plaster cast before; I tried to make sure I kept my fingers apart so they would come out alright. Megan’s didn’t turn out as well, but you can still see the peace sign she gave clear as day.

Wk 7 Activity: Avatar Interview




Second Life has always been a mystery to me. A strange cult that I was totally aware of, but had only heard through whisper in myth. It’s mechanics and general usage were entirely out of my knowledge. Until today. Our assignment was to interview an artist who did their work inside the virtual medium of Second Life, an online platform that allows users to create the world as they see it and then tour and chat in a world of their own creation.

I was a little late to the party, just barely catching the final opportunity to interview an artist. One Isabella Medici. What followed was an artistic experience the likes of whic I never thought I’d witness. Appearing on the CSULB lot of virtual space I was greeted by a dragon-man, and enormous Ozymandias-esque pyramid, and a dome made of hundreds of copies of a picture of nude Second Life Avatars. I was afraid.

5 minutes later, a small crowd of students had formed all just figuring out how to navigate this bizarre landscape, when our potential artist appeared. Isabella Medici is a reincarnated renaissance-era Italian princess, who upon appearing in our time as her second life avatar, made it her life’s goal to improve the quality of life for her fellow avatars, and the people who moved them, whom she referred to as “users.”

She led us a short distance away to a Greco-Roman platform fit with a couple dozen treadmills, where our avatars jogged as we interviewed her. we learned that she loved our time of technology, and that her favorite additions were indoor plumbing, and the internet. However she was saddened by the state of education, and she hopes to start her own university that people would want to go to, instead of having to.

Wk 6 Activity: Counterfactual Identity


This week for our activity, we were tasked with creating a false identity and having people guess by our outward appearance what our lives were like. I resurrected the character of Sean O’Malley from a film I helped my friend make and asked people around town what they thought of me. My costume was a little over the top, and in return a lot of people saw straight through me and wondered what play I was auditioning for or already had a part in. So while my goal may have been to become the loose cannon Irish detective, in reality I sort of became a stage actor, which is STILL a counterfactual identity, so it STILL COUNTS! In general people thought I was a sharp dressed man that looked like a school teacher with a silly hat. They were sure I would get the part. GREAT SUCCESS HIGH FIVE!