Wk 12 Classmate Interview: Debora Zelaya


Debora is currently a pre-nursing major but she is really interested in the Human Development field, which I had never even heard of before she told me what it was. It’s a freaky combination of Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology and even the growth of human being from adolescence to adulthood. She wants to move away from nursing because there are too many already in the program, although she’s likely to keep it as a back-up. She is the 4th daughter out of 5 and has gotten used to sharing over the years. She commutes to school from LA where she works at Ross, with her friends. She enjoys this class but wishes there were a few more hands-on projects.


Wk 11 Classmate Interview: Bryan Humski



Bryan has already rocketed off the the starting line toward his new life. He’s a business management major, spurred on by his mother and father, which are a manager of a shipping dock and a general contractor respectively. he currently works as the manager of a pizza shop, already getting valuable experience into the management world, He’s always liked the leadership role and getting people to work together towards a bigger goal, During his free time he likes to go out and drink with his friends (LEGALLY!!) and try new beers. He seems like an all-around nice guy to be around.

Wk 10 Classmate Interview: Jacob Wehrman


Jacob is a shy, meerkat of a person who’s still trying to figure himself out. Originally a pre-business major, Jacob is thinking of switching to some kind of a science where he feels more at home. He’s entirely sure which one, but it’ll come to him. he currently dorms on campus and hopes to some day get his PhD and have some sort of research career where he’ll research medicine and be a weird half doctor, half scientist hybrid.

Wk 10 Activity: 2D: Painting


This week we were supposed to go to Venice Beach and spray paint the design we made last week onto the legal art walls. As you can tell by the pictures above I didn’t quite do that. I meant to do it, and in fact went all the way to Venice Beach, but upon arriving there had such a bad experience with a gang of hooligans and a parking officer that me and my girlfriend decided to ditch and go to the Promenade a few minutes drive away. The rest of the day was lovely.

To make up for it I used my airbrush to spray paint onto a plastic model I’ve had forever. I used preshading to highlight edges and darken recesses, then coated the whole body in an even solid color, this lead to the results shown above. all I have to do now is fill in all the recesses with some watered down oil paint and I’ll have a pretty good looking hover tank thing.

Wk 9 Classmate Interview: Amber Luna


Amber Luna is a quiet girl who looks like she enjoys a good book. She’s a criminal justice major here at CSULB, spurred on by her drive to help people. Criminal justice is just her way of doing that. She loves the arts, but had a very narrow-minded idea of it before taking Art 110. The class has definitely helped her broaden her mind on what art is, and she’s excited to explore it more. Her favorite project has been going to Venice Beach and tagging the legal art walls.

Wk 9 Artist Interview: Jesse So



Jesse So is a sculpture major at CSULB who uses scale to his advantage. His gallery entry took two years to complete, with the majority of his time spent on an enormous chess piece, composed of hundreds of smaller chess pieces. His gallery was full of objects great and small, metal worked to a smooth professional finish, that glistened in the artificial light. He hopes to work in a fabricator shop and I’m positive he would do a great job.


Wk 9 Activity: 2D: Drawing


This week we were assigned to draw our names in the classic graffiti-style bubble letters. This is all in preparation for our project next week to spray paint our names on the legal art walls in Venice. I went full on with the theme, creating them as if they were just oddly shaped bubbles that happened to spell out my name.