Wk 10 Activity: 2D: Painting


This week we were supposed to go to Venice Beach and spray paint the design we made last week onto the legal art walls. As you can tell by the pictures above I didn’t quite do that. I meant to do it, and in fact went all the way to Venice Beach, but upon arriving there had such a bad experience with a gang of hooligans and a parking officer that me and my girlfriend decided to ditch and go to the Promenade a few minutes drive away. The rest of the day was lovely.

To make up for it I used my airbrush to spray paint onto a plastic model I’ve had forever. I used preshading to highlight edges and darken recesses, then coated the whole body in an even solid color, this lead to the results shown above. all I have to do now is fill in all the recesses with some watered down oil paint and I’ll have a pretty good looking hover tank thing.